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If you’re holding a BBQ and you want it to be a success- you’ll have to go with MonstaBBQ. We’re the choice when it comes to BBQ food in Singapore, provide a smooth BBQ catering service and great BBQ delivery as well. Look no further, you have found the best BBQ Wholesale Catering Service in Singapore! Find out our BBQ Cathering 2020 Promotion Package Now!

BBQ Wholesale Singapore

At MonstaBBQ, nothing short of the absolute best is given to our customers. Aside from our adorable monster, we boast a wide variety of BBQ food that is drool-worthy. They’ve received endless raves from everyone; maybe it’s because of our secret BBQ recipes that took years to perfect, or maybe because MonstaBBQ has a renowned in-house Master chef preparing the Barbecue food catering sauces and menus. All our bbq foods are prepared according to HPB healthier cathering policy and Singapore Food Agency retail standards.

BBQ Catering Singapore

BBQ Lamp Rib Singapore

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MonstaBBQ is a special BBQ caterer, we have BBQ pork rib and BBQ chicken wings practically worth salivating over...

BBQ Pork Ribs Singapore

If you want to have something a little bit more local, you’ll be delighted to know that we do otah and satay delivery as well! Want a simple deal? Just opt for our BBQ chicken delivery! Simple, fuss-free and delicious beyond words- we’re the BBQ supplier for anyone at anytime.

At MonstaBBQ, we also know that people come with different appetites- therefore we will also recommend an appropriate amount of food within your budget to make your barbeque functions a smoking hot hit. If you’d like, we will even give you some barbecue food ideas with our generous BBQ food list! We guarantee that no one leaves your barbeque party with unhappy taste buds and unsatisfied stomachs.


BBQ Wholesale Singapore

Other than merely providing you utterly delicious BBQ buffet food, MonstaBBQ is actually a one-stop place for all your BBQ needs. Food, equipment, delivery... We got it all. And you actually save a lot more with MonstaBBQ’s BBQ Wholesale Catering!

BBQ Lamp Chop Singapore

You tree-huggers would love to know that MonstaBBQ is environmentally conscious- so as much as possible, our BBQ equipment are eco-friendly!

The team at MonstaBBQ aren’t only awesome at the grill- they’re great at answering barbeque emergencies too! We believe with our great barbecue restaurants recipes, savoury fresh food, friendly service, speedy BBQ food delivery, promotions offer prices and good quality planning skills- MonstaBBQ will make any barbeque a success.

For an even easier BBQ booking, MonstaBBQ has several BBQ packages that aim to cater to all types of different demands (Personal, company, business or corporate) . All you really need to do is choose where to do your BBQ pit booking and your list of other BBQ lovers to join the party!

BBQ Sausage Singapore

MonstaBBQ is your definite answer to BBQ food delivery right here in tropical island Singapore!

So all in all, just saying... MonstaBBQ is the recommended best partner to have for your BBQ party. Our food is absolutely delicious, we’re eco-friendly, we’re married to food (mainly barbeque food), we’re in love with our customers, we’re experienced in planning, and provide fast deliveries... Just saying; we provide the best BBQ catering.

Not only are we foodies, we’re also techies - so when it comes to BBQ online; we know what we’re doing.


 BBQ Oriental Char Siew


10 Reasons Why You Should Use MonstaBBQ Catering...

1. MonstaBBQ Doesn’t Feed People; It Feeds Appetites

You have some people who eat like birds; then you have some people who eat like Garfield let loose in lasagna-land. You just let MonstaBBQ Catering know how big the appetites are and we’ll prepare an amount that will make sure everyone is nicely well-fed. *burp*

2. Monster BBQ Has Its Own Secret Recipes


Don’t waste time trying to guess what goes inside our marinating sauces- just enjoy the taste. Your taste buds will practically dance with joy and if they could, they’ll probably be begging for more!

Okay, we’ll let you in on a little bit of the kitchen secret... Our recipes have been refined and perfected over countless BBQs on our own to achieve the taste you’ll get to savour.

3. MonstaBBQ Shares Some Tips & Recipes

While we have some of our secret recipes, we also have some info that can be super useful when it comes to having an awesome BBQ party!

4. MonstaBBQ’s Food is Prepared by our own BBQ 5-stars Monsta Chef

That just speaks for itself.

You can be 100% assured that your food and products will be sooooo delicious that people will be practically begging you to organise yet another BBQ party. MonstaBBQ provides BBQ Catering with Chef so that you can spend more time entertaining the guests.

5. MonstaBBQ Works Within Your Budget

Just tell us the amount and we’ll work around it!

You should get to enjoy your BBQ party completely, so let MonstaBBQ do the hard work for you.

6. MonstaBBQ Curates Your Menu

Believe it or not- MonstaBBQ has its own menu-curators who will look at the appetites of your guests and your budget, and then cook up a menu that is perfect for your BBQ!

BBQ catering just got personalised.

7. MonstaBBQ Provides BBQ Tools

Having a BBQ isn’t only about food- there is the charcoal, the fire starter, the plates, the cups... MonstaBBQ has ALL of that ready for you. We are a one-stop answer for your BBQ!

8. MonstaBBQ Lets You Tweak Your Cart Endlessly

Despite being a monster, MonstaBBQ is super patient and will accommodate to your needs and wants for your BBQ.

Change the type of meat, change the quantity... Change everything if you want! Whatever it is- MonstaBBQ wants to make sure that you have the perfect BBQ.

9. BBQ Catering with Chef

MonstaBBQ offers friendly onsite chews to help you with the barbecute if you need manpower to do so.

10. MonstaBBQ Comes To Your BBQ 

After you’re fully contented with your menu and cart, MonstaBBQ will pack your stuff into our very own van and have everything delivered right to your pit!

Best of all- if your total is above $300, MonstaBBQ delivers for FREE!

With all these reasons, there’s no doubt that MonstaBBQ is a must-have for every single BBQ party in Singapore. Be it in Pasir Ris, East Coast Park, Sentosa or anywhere else- you’ll definitely want MonstaBBQ to be a part of your barbeque.


BBQ Food Delivery Singapore

You just bring the lucky people that get to enjoy the party- MonstaBBQ will bring everything else for the barbeque. It’s really that fuss-free and easy with us! You will get absolutely the best BBQ food in Singapore while having no headaches over the BBQ catering or BBQ wholesale services. If you want to BBQ at East Coast, BBQ at Pasir Ris or even BBQ at Sentosa- wherever your BBQ pit may be, MonstaBBQ delivers the party. 

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our list of BBQ Tips and BBQ Places in Singapore

 BBQ Singapore

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MonstaBBQ Catering Reviews & Testimonials
"We ordered thinking it would be your typical BBQ - but we were so wrong. MonstaBBQ served us some really mouthwatering meats - pork, chicken, beef - prime cuts, superbly marinated. Thanks Monstas!" - Xieheng 2018

"MonstaBBQ provides both Halal and non-halal bbq catering which I think is the best of both worlds! They have two seperate kitchens. Both my Muslim and Chinese guests were very delighted during our last BBQ events for son 21st birthday." - Susan Toh 2018

"Hi team, Kelvin and I would like to thank your crew who helped out at our baby shower on Tuesday. Our guests were all raving about the fantastic char siew, satay and grills served that evening that many persons even asked me for your contacts or shop thereafter. Thank you for making the event a success! We look forward to having u at the next gathering in time to come and will certainly recommend our friends in future parties! THUMBS UP!" - Gwen Ng  2018

BBQ 2016 

"After search for hour and days for Barbecue places in Singapore, I'm provided with the Barbecue booking info from I went online, reserved the BBQ Pit, send an email to MonstaBBQ on how many pax and monster I'm inviting for the party. They made evry thing so easy and no headach for me at all. Well done Monsta!" 
- Jing Wen 2018
" Being in the army, it really isn’t easy to plan a BBQ when you’re most of the time in camp. Good thing my friend told me about MonstaBBQ! We left everything up to them, my friends and I just showed up and enjoyed the party!"

- Adrian Koh
"Ever since I tasted MonstaBBQ’s marinated chicken wings, I’ve been addicted to their secret recipe! MonstaBBQ makes me wish that I could have BBQ food practically every single day!! You are the best BBQ caterer in Singapore!"

- Jasmine Lim

'It was my 21st birthday and I wanted it to be really special! I was such a nervous wreck but MonstaBBQ really made it so awesome for me! Everyone had such a great time at the BBQ, the food was delicious and I really got to just enjoy my birthday! :) Thank you SOOO much, MonstaBBQ! You made my birthday so special & enjoyable!"

- Lydia Tan

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