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So you’ve probably heard of countless food deliveries in Singapore... but how about BBQ food delivery? That’s right, people! Spread the word! MonstaBBQ brings BBQ food (Satay, Pork Ribs & Chicken Wings) right to where you want it to be at. And as if things couldn’t get any more convenient... MonstaBBQ is also where you can order BBQ online in Singapore! Just think... You’re only a few clicks away from having some of the most delicious BBQ food to ever land on your taste buds. BBQ Delivery

BBQ Food Delivery

If there’s one thing that could be better than absolutely delicious BBQ food, it’ll probably be having it delivered right to you. And MonstaBBQ just happens to be awesome with BBQ food delivery. Minimum order of $300 for free delivery. If below $250, delivery charges will be $30.


BBQ Food Delivery Singapore

Place your order and we’ll start the work- you just sit back and wait to be served heavenly BBQ delights. Our 5-star in-house Monsta-chef will get the heat started; prepping up your orders with our very own perfected secret recipes! Then everything will be packed nicely into our very own adorable MonstaBBQ van, all set to be whisked away to wherever you might be at! At that point, you’re about to experience Singapore’s best BBQ food delivery in history. No joke.

All those logistical hiccups that sometimes cause you mini heart attacks are things of the past. MonstaBBQ’s got this! It was born to bring BBQ to people- so it knows how to do it well. Gone are those days when you had to shop for the BBQ equipment at the supermarket, lug them onto the main road to wait for a taxi or shove them into a car... And then with whatever remaining strength you might have, lug them to the BBQ itself. By then, you usually don’t have much energy left to even cook.

And this is why you should totally get BBQ food delivery from MonstaBBQ! Downright deliciously prepared BBQ food, eco-friendly equipment and reliable delivery.


BBQ Online Singapore

MonstaBBQ isn’t your typical age-old medieval monster; other than being a genius in front of the BBQ, it’s also tech-savvy. Believe it or not- now there’s BBQ online in Singapore! Let MonstaBBQ know your BBQ-desires online and you’ll get your wishes answered.

BBQ Online Singapore

Enjoying BBQ food has never been easier since MonstaBBQ came to town. We are the go-to site for BBQ online in Singapore! With a few simple clicks on the mouse, maybe a little tweaking on your shopping cart to make things just the way you like it; you’ll be able to enjoy the best BBQ food in Singapore! It’s really that easy.

Best part of doing your BBQ orders online? You can just be all picky and change just about everything in your cart shamelessly without worrying that you might be making things difficult for anyone. It’s okay to change your mind twice, thrice... Or a few million times. No problem at all! Plus you get to view everything without having to move anything more than your fingers. How awesome is that?

Everything with MonstaBBQ is like a dream- you have a 5-star in-house chef that prepares your Barbecue food catering with recipes that took decades to perfect, then there’s also BBQ food delivery to anywhere you are! To top it off, everything can be easily done once you’re online and on the web- it’s almost like having a BBQ online in Singapore! We handle the logistics; so no sudden heart attacks for you as well about any sudden unforeseen mishaps. Just go online, click your orders to our Barbeque Caterer Singapore, wait & enjoy.


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MonstaBBQ Catering Reviews & Testimonials
"We ordered thinking it would be your typical BBQ - but we were so wrong. MonstaBBQ served us some really mouthwatering meats - pork, chicken, beef - prime cuts, superbly marinated. Thanks Monstas!" - Xieheng 2018

"MonstaBBQ provides both Halal and non-halal bbq catering which I think is the best of both worlds! They have two seperate kitchens. Both my Muslim and Chinese guests were very delighted during our last BBQ events for son 21st birthday." - Susan Toh 2018

"Hi team, Kelvin and I would like to thank your crew who helped out at our baby shower on Tuesday. Our guests were all raving about the fantastic char siew, satay and grills served that evening that many persons even asked me for your contacts or shop thereafter. Thank you for making the event a success! We look forward to having u at the next gathering in time to come and will certainly recommend our friends in future parties! THUMBS UP!" - Gwen Ng  2018

BBQ 2016 

"After search for hour and days for Barbecue places in Singapore, I'm provided with the Barbecue booking info from I went online, reserved the BBQ Pit, send an email to MonstaBBQ on how many pax and monster I'm inviting for the party. They made evry thing so easy and no headach for me at all. Well done Monsta!" 
- Jing Wen 2018
" Being in the army, it really isn’t easy to plan a BBQ when you’re most of the time in camp. Good thing my friend told me about MonstaBBQ! We left everything up to them, my friends and I just showed up and enjoyed the party!"

- Adrian Koh
"Ever since I tasted MonstaBBQ’s marinated chicken wings, I’ve been addicted to their secret recipe! MonstaBBQ makes me wish that I could have BBQ food practically every single day!! You are the best BBQ caterer in Singapore!"

- Jasmine Lim

'It was my 21st birthday and I wanted it to be really special! I was such a nervous wreck but MonstaBBQ really made it so awesome for me! Everyone had such a great time at the BBQ, the food was delicious and I really got to just enjoy my birthday! :) Thank you SOOO much, MonstaBBQ! You made my birthday so special & enjoyable!"

- Lydia Tan

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