10 Best BBQ Places in Singapore

In Singapore, we have summer 365 days a year, with the occasional super monsoon-ish days. However other than that, our little sunny island is PERFECT for BBQ at almost any time and there are several BBQ places to barbecue in Singapore! And BBQ pit booking is also super easy nowadays. It’s practically elementary to hold a great BBQ; with of course, the awesome BBQ stuff made easily available at MonstaBBQ.com...

So here’s a list of 10 great barbeque pits you can book in Singapore!


1.    East Coast Park  

East Coast Park BBQ Pit Singapore

Well, practically everyone knows to go there.

But before you go on to think that it is too cliché, remember that East Coast Park is definitely one of Singapore’s favourite beach hangout spots. The years of nostalgia coupled with the breeze of the salty ocean makes this place an all-time classic BBQ spot in Singapore.

Plus you get to do a heap of other activities there like bowling, cycling and rollerblading; just to name a few.

And if you’re feeling extra hungry, there’s also a prawning farm where you can try your luck at catching your meat for the BBQ.


2.    National Service Resort & Country Club NSRCC 

National Service Resort & Country Club NSRCC BBQ Pit

For gatherings of families and friends who don’t always want to have to stand out in the open air, but get to bask in an air-conditioned bungalow with comfortable utilities- this is definitely the place for you.

It might be a little out of the way; but this spot is really comfortable. Some can sit indoors and play mah-jong, some can watch television, some can sleep upstairs, some can go for a walk to the beachside, and most importantly- some can barbeque catering up a variety of mouth-watering delights.  


3.    Costa Sands Resort Sentosa 

Costa Sands Resort Sentosa BBQ Pit

Costa Sands Resort is also available at Downtown East and Pasir Ris; but Sentosa is a clear popular choice.

Located on Singapore’s little island-playground, Costa Sands Resort Sentosa is great for BBQs simply because of the rustic island-ish feel it gives. You’ll really feel like you’re in another world and perfect for clearing a stressed mind.

And not forgetting, Sentosa itself boasts loads of fun-filled activities that you simply cannot get enough of. Even after the sun sets, fun doesn’t stop in Sentosa! 


4.    West Coast Park 

West Coast Park BBQ Pit

For the longest time in history, it seemed like all the beachside/BBQ activities were available only in the east side of Singapore.

But times have changed!

West Coast Park is now an ultimate favourite of people living in the west region of this tropical island and it’s really not hard to guess why. You get to have a great BBQ while enjoying the salty breeze and there are so obstacle courses for the young-in-age and young-at-heart alike!


5.    Pasir Ris Park   


  If you’re looking for something that is really outdoorsy, Pasir Ris Park should be your choice. Other than BBQ-ing, there are several other physical activities like inline skating, cycling, water sports and even pony riding!

It really helps that the park has quite a big open area; it’ll be like the perfect escape from the congested city-life. Best for all the Easties! Get the best BBQ food delivery now!


6.    Labrador Park 

Labrador Park BBQ Pit Booking

Have a BBQ at a historic location. Labrador Park used to be a defense battery and now it serves as a great place to BBQ up a storm!

It also has a gorgeous view of the calm sea and lush trees. Great location for those photography buffs who want to capture nature in its finest! And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out the World War 2 Memorial Plague.

7.    Punggol Park  

Punggol Park BBQ Pit Booking Singapore

Located in the Hougang district, Punggol Park is super spacious and known to cater to people of all ages. The young ones can go wild with their limitless amounts of energy running around in the forested areas while the older ones get to relax in a tranquil environment. This is a definite choice for those family BBQs!


8.    Changi Beach Park  

Changi Beach Park BBQ Pit Booking

Being one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore, Changi Beach Park is filled with nostalgic moments for many who have seen it in the good ol’ 60s and 70s. It is a long beach about 3.3km) and lined with countless coconut palms, benches & shelters and of course, BBQ pits!

To have a great chill-out time with Mother Nature, there’s no better option than this one.


9.    Aloha Loyang Chalet

Aloha Loyang Chalet BBQ Pit

A great spot for big events like corporate functions, family get-togethers, friends’ gatherings... It has a great amount of space for everyone to enjoy. Apart from having a BBQ, there are other amenities like an arcade, jacuzzi, multi-purpose court and children’s playroom. There is so much space and things to do; you won’t have to worry about your BBQ guest list being too long. 


10.  Pulau Ubin Resort



This is just for the adventure-seekers; Holding a BBQ at this boomerang-shaped island is practically the definition of “going back to nature”. If you like a taste of the wilderness with your BBQ, try your next BBQ Catering here!

This island of Singapore’s is very unlike the urban jungle we’re mostly used to and will bring your BBQ to a whole new level. Its kampong-style is like taking a ride back to the olden days in Singapore and having a BBQ there. What a cool experience that’ll be!

There are more places to BBQ in Singapore, of course- but these are just some of the popular choices around. As soon as you’re set, get down to the BBQ pit booking and get your wares here at MonstaBBQ.com- there’s no time to waste! Delicious food, great BBQ spots and awesome company awaits to have a good time. Contact Best BBQ Catering by MonstaBBQ now.


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