Satay Delivery in Singapore

Despite having changed from a rural kampong island to the bustling urban city it is today, Singapore still keeps some of our all-time favourite rural food. MonstaBBQ prides itself in keeping such old good times alive- by offering satay delivery that can be done easily; even online! Who says that satay is only for the old times? We can have city satay right here in bustling Singapore!


BBQ Satay Catering Singapore


There are typically 3 types of satay- chicken, beef and mutton. They’re like meat kebabs that have been cooked to perfection.


The satay is actually a dish that proudly reigns from the Malays and till today many Malay vendors allure locals and tourists alike just with the aroma that emits from their grills.


Naturally every vendor has their own way of preparation and some even have secret recipes that separate themselves from the others out there.  It’s not uncommon to find meat on sticks sitting there overnight because most of the flavour comes from the hours of marinating anyway.


When it comes to satay in Singapore, here are 3 spots that you simply have to head down to!


1.     Lau Pa Sat Satay

18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582 


It literally translates to “old market” and has long been one of Singaporean’s favourite food haunts over the generations.


Our favourite satay stalls are numbers 7 and 8! There’s just an extra oomph they provide in their satay that really make them stand out from the rest. Their peanut sauce is also to die for!


2.     Chomp Chomp Satay

20 Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557269 


A place that is highly aptly named- it’s literally like a compressed folder of food heaven. Once you step in, you’ll find it almost impossible to choose from the variety when you taste buds go begging for a taste for everything.


But you should NEVER deny them the taste of the satay there. It is oh-so delicious… Legend says some have been caught literally drooling while they impatiently watched their satay getting prepared.


3.        Fu Dao Home Made Satay

Airport Road Food Centre, 51 Old Airport Road  


This place serves up satay that has won it customers willing to stand through long queues just to be able to grab a taste. This isn’t your typical satay though- they’re crusted with black pepper that really will totally pleasantly surprise your taste buds! And it’s also very slightly honeyed.  


Another undeniable winning factor from this store is that it also has a peanut sauce that is tough to beat. Tender and juicy meat, along with the sauce just creates the perfect combination. It’s no wonder that there’s practically a Great Wall of China queue made out of salivating customers waited to have their cravings sated.  


Satay Catering Singapore

Satay is simply a must-have at every BBQ- especially in Singapore. It’s practically a VIP of dishes. Everyone knows it, everyone is comfortable eating it and everyone loves a good satay.


For awesome BBQ satay, MonstaBBQ doesn’t fall any short of those awesome places mentioned above. Our inhouse chef has prepared his very own secret recipe that gives the others a run for their money, while delivering it to your party. You will have a guaranteed drool-worthy satay delivery. Everything is so easy with MonstaBBQ! You can even order this all-time Singaporean fave online BBQ at MonstaBBQ’s own website- and you’ll get to enjoy the best of our city satay delivery whenever & wherever you want.


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"We ordered thinking it would be your typical BBQ - but we were so wrong. MonstaBBQ served us some really mouthwatering meats - pork, chicken, beef - prime cuts, superbly marinated. Thanks Monstas!" - Xieheng 2018

"MonstaBBQ provides both Halal and non-halal bbq catering which I think is the best of both worlds! They have two seperate kitchens. Both my Muslim and Chinese guests were very delighted during our last BBQ events for son 21st birthday." - Susan Toh 2018

"Hi team, Kelvin and I would like to thank your crew who helped out at our baby shower on Tuesday. Our guests were all raving about the fantastic char siew, satay and grills served that evening that many persons even asked me for your contacts or shop thereafter. Thank you for making the event a success! We look forward to having u at the next gathering in time to come and will certainly recommend our friends in future parties! THUMBS UP!" - Gwen Ng  2018

BBQ 2016 

"After search for hour and days for Barbecue places in Singapore, I'm provided with the Barbecue booking info from I went online, reserved the BBQ Pit, send an email to MonstaBBQ on how many pax and monster I'm inviting for the party. They made evry thing so easy and no headach for me at all. Well done Monsta!" 
- Jing Wen 2018
" Being in the army, it really isn’t easy to plan a BBQ when you’re most of the time in camp. Good thing my friend told me about MonstaBBQ! We left everything up to them, my friends and I just showed up and enjoyed the party!"

- Adrian Koh
"Ever since I tasted MonstaBBQ’s marinated chicken wings, I’ve been addicted to their secret recipe! MonstaBBQ makes me wish that I could have BBQ food practically every single day!! You are the best BBQ caterer in Singapore!"

- Jasmine Lim

'It was my 21st birthday and I wanted it to be really special! I was such a nervous wreck but MonstaBBQ really made it so awesome for me! Everyone had such a great time at the BBQ, the food was delicious and I really got to just enjoy my birthday! :) Thank you SOOO much, MonstaBBQ! You made my birthday so special & enjoyable!"

- Lydia Tan

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